Yes, even a woman can experience a midlife crisis phase, often caused by a vivid recognition that her life is half over and now it is time to concentrate on what is truly important. Her needs are not satisfied by purchasing material things, but rather are rooted in a deep desire to do something meaningful with her life, to leave a heritage that reaches beyond her kids, and to reach the end of her life.

Silver Fashion Jewelry for Women

If you are over 60 and yearning to have more passion and use, here are a few actions to get you started on your own reinvention. Consider the possibilities for your newfound freedom if you have just retired and are searching for something purposeful to fill your life.

When divorce is combined with other transitions in your life, like retirement or taking care of an ailing parent, it’s alluring to never wish to leave your house. Despite the fact that feeling overloaded and confused during divorce is common, avoiding these common boomer blunders can save you needless drama and strain so you can proceed with your life.

Annulment feels awful because, as a culture, none of us are trained to plan ahead for it.

Funny, isn’t it? For years, doctors have been telling us to take care of ourselves so we will feel better as we age. Financial advisors evangelized about planning for retirement for years. Why don’t we employ those same concepts to divorce?

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